Motor speed controllers is mainly part of hole systems. Is necessary to ensure fast, exact, effective and sensitive switching, the possibility of motor feedback is high recommended. Controllers for BLDC (resp. PMSM) motors can work in any application, a wide range of settings and control options are possible.Us used controllers are among the world leaders and are exclusively European productions.

All brands and types are characterized by

* Small dimension and weight, many modification possibility.

* Controlled by powerful 32-bit processor ARM Cortex

* Very clear and easy parameters settings by PC with operating system Windows

* Firmware update via internet

* Data transfer to PC (or other equipment) and displaying in real time (Monitoring)

* Data logging (Black Box, record of voltage, rpm, currents, temperatures, …) up to some weeks

* Synchronous rectification, very high efficiency 98 99%

* Very high rpm limit 250.000 rpm for 2 poles motor (standard version)

* Suitable for motors without pole limiting

* Sensor motors available

* Cruise Control function supported

* Support regenerative braking and battery charging under braking

* Support many working modes (PWM, constant rpm, constant torque / car mode, boat mode, plain mode)

* Very smooth step of throttle

* Monitoring all phases and bus

* Configurable current limits forward / backward

* HW support of the voltage, current and temperature fuses

* Controlling by PWM, voltage, potentiometer, data (CAN, RS-485, RS-232 TTL), logic signal, hall sensor

* Unmatched protection and management of Lithium batteries

* Conversion (recalculation) to internal battery voltage (independence of the processes of internal resistance and currents)

* Support any type of the battery (NiCd, NiMH, A123, Lipol, Li-Ion, LiFePo4, Pb, …) or power supply

* Monitoring controller temperature, motor temperature, battery temperature

* Monitoring internal voltages and temperatures

* Electronics feeding from traction voltage or from external supply 12 – 24V

* Current multiplication: take less current from battery, output more current to motor


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