Our BLDC motors are equipped with sensors for reading the rotor’s magnetic field, which is necessary for efficient controlling of the motor, especially for high values of torque and for low-speed start-up. This feature is particularly needed for use of an folding propellers, where the predefined algorithm of start-up is necessary for continuous and sensitive opening. Of course, there is a feature of monitoring the motor temperature and option for setting the temperature limits.

BLDC propulsion power system description

Controller uses the best available power MOSFETs or IGBT modules for higher voltage and synchronous PWM for achieve very high efficiency. They feature very advanced (state-of-the-art) algorithms of moor control as well as safety of operation. Controller concept is based on a long experience with control of both sensorless and sensor BLDC (resp. PMSM) motors in very heavy and demanding operating conditions. For driving are used very powerful 32-bit ARM microcontrollers.


The battery (NiCd, NiMH, A123, Lipol, Li-Ion, LiFePo4, Pb,…) may be assembled of up to 17 series-connected cells of actually random capacity; the entire system of monitoring charge level of the single battery cells ensures absolutely safe operation while avoiding the risk of undercharge, which is particularly crucial for batteries using Lithium ( Li-xxx ); of course, there is a feature of monitoring the temperature of the overall battery and option for setting the temperature limits.

When being operated, the overall drive system may be monitored by telemetry, which provides, besides monitoring of battery capacity, many other details on the whole driving system, the most important ones are following: Voltage, Current, RPM, Temp. CONT, MOT, BAT, Power, Voltage each cell 1- 17.

Thanks to deployment of hall linear sensors, controlling may be adjusted to various requirements, for aviation applications as well as for the land ones.

The entire driving and charging system can be easily set, monitored and updated via PC application and USB port, and of course, the operation history is saved in the internal blackbox to be downloaded and assessed later.

Intelligent charger provided with BMS, (battery management system) ensures very sensitive balancing during the charging process. It is capable of charging a 25Ah battery in an hour under ideal conditions; however, the crucial aspect for the charging time is the current status of the battery, particularly the rate of „balancing“ of the single cells.  BMS provides „alignment“ of the cells during the charging process with the accuracy of 30mV !! which is necessary for safe charging and long service life of the battery.










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